Runosaur is a velociraptor that loves running! Help him reach the portal.

Saving a dinosaur from extinction has never been so much fun. Runosaur teleports onto the screen and starts running. Help him reach the next portal by tapping the screen to make him jump. Avoid prehistoric obstacles. Straws will change his direction, and squishy slugs will boost his jump.

Monster Honeymoon Match

This haunted motel brings a new spin to the traditional memory game.

Honeymooning Monsters have gotten separated in the vast hallways of the haunted motel. match monster pairs with the same color rooms (by tapping on them), to help them hook–up!

Angry Village

Try this fun logic puzzle, that is not as easy as it looks

This village is angry and only you can help! This Puzzle consists of village huts viewed from the top. Each Hut has a coloured dome on top representing the mood of the inhabitant. Red is Angry, Yellow is indifferent and Green is Happy. Make all the huts happy to move on to the next village. Tapping on a hut cycles through the different moods. Cycling a hut’s mood also cycles through all of the neighbouring hut’s moods.

Baby Basics

Baby Basics is a FREE comprehensive guide for new parents.

Baby basics is a simple but comprehensive guide to help ease the anxiety that first time parents might feel. Delivering trusted advice that covers the entire spectrum of baby care, from preparing for the arrival of the baby to caring for and handling toddlers.

Invaders from another planet

Protect Johannesburg from the alien horde's attack in this unique spin on an old classic.

“Anyone can make the simple complicated. Creativity is making the complicated simple. ” Charles Mingus